Lot 656

1883-1889. COLLECTING: (HANDWRITTEN LETTERS). CASTELAR-SOLIER ARCHIVE. An epistolary record made up of 41 handwritten letters from Emilio Castelar addressed to Guillermo Solier (ex-deputy and lawyer), his paid lover. Emilio Castelar was a deputy and minister on several occasions and 4th President of the First Republic between 7/09/1873 and 3/01/1874. Most of the letters were sent by hand by one's own and are generally missive for appointments at infrequent hours. Only two circulated by mail, showing the president's suspicion that he was being investigated by the black cabinet of the government. The envelopes are included except for six. Most of the letters are dated between 1883 and 1889, others are undated. Two other letters from 1896 and 1897 are included, plus six promissory notes of up to 2,000 reales signed by Castelar to comply with the continuous payments that Solier demanded and that according to the letters he attended with a certain delay. Some on mourning paper. Exceptional set that shows the paradoxical situation in a time in which the homosexuality was a maximum taboo, and of great scandal in the public personages like Castelar. Presented in a portfolio.