Lot 729

1915-1921. MAGAZINE: (ART). VELL I NOU. Barcelona: Imperial F.Borràs and Imperial Oliva de Vilanova, 1915-1921. 7 vol. in 4º with all the numbers corresponding to the first period of this 'Revista Quinzenal d'art Barcelona' (105 numbers) from 15 May 1915 to 15 December 1919. 16 p. each approx., the second period with the character of 'Revista Mensual d'Art' that begins in April 1920 until September 1921 and where the numbering starts again now with 48 p. each approx. It includes the supplements 'Escultura Decorativa i Estatuària' and 'Ferros Artístics Espanyols'. Profusely illustrated with b/w photographs. Enc. in sackcloth with double tiles on the back and painted upper cuts. Plans with rust.