Lot 753

S. XIX-XX. COLLECTING: (CARLISM). BATCH OF VARIOUS DOCUMENTS RELATED TO THE CARLIST WARS. The first of the documents is a postcard with the signature of Charles VII pretender, the postcard has the image of the standard of the pretender Charles V; the postcard is addressed to Bishop Conti. It contains a letter addressed to Manuel García de la Prada, dated 1809, during his stay in Bayonne to represent the Banco Nacional de San Carlos. A map of the center of operations in the North, a receipt for the Territorial Contribution, a cut-out of the 'Spanish mail' dated July 24, 1909, just a few days after the death of Charles VII, with an article entitled 'My political will to the Carlists', some offprints from the Extraordinary Bulletin, from the first Carlist war.