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1980-2000 c. ORIGINAL ARTISTIC: (JOINT). SET OF 362 ORIGINAL DRAWINGS TO ILLUSTRATE CHILDREN'S STORIES. Acrylic on acetate, gouache, etc. Of 30 x 40 cm aprox. The stories are: THE KID OF CAKE AND CARAMEL (50 illustrations and two acetate), THE CHILDREN'S ROOM (45 illustrations), GREEN CARAMEL (50 illustrations all on acetate and 7 backgrounds) and THE GOLDEN CHILDREN (45 illustrations), THE NECKLACE (35 illustrations), also has a script in French for each of the drawings, based on a story by Guy de Maupassant), THE KING OF THIEVES (45 illustra.), THE PRINCE OF THE GUISARDIAN (45 illustra.) and THE EMPEROR'S NEW DRESS (47 illustra. and two backgrounds).

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