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Liturgical embroidery workshop of the Monastery of El Escorial /Attributed to Diego Lopez de Escuriaz (active in El Escorial 1587-1597)
Project for liturgical embroidery
Pen and brown ink, brown wash, white gouache highlights on old blue paper,
17.2 x 42,5 cm
Needle-punched for a report
Vertical folds, partially oxidized gouache, insulated, small stains, small lacks on the upper edge

This drawing is a cardboard for a liturgical embroidery commissioned by King Philip II for the monastery of San Lorenzo of El Escorial. Between the creation of the monastery in 1563 and the beginning of the seventeenth century, a workshop made up of several craftsmen produced many richly decorated embroideries used for clothing, liturgical vestments and other textiles. A 1605 inventory lists more than 1200 embroidered chasubles.
A large collection of drawings, most of them bound in albums at El Escorial, traces the work of this workshop. These drawings are made with pen and brown ink and wash on blue paper, with needle-punched outlines to facilitate transfer.
There is little information on the organisation and management of the workshop or the precise identity of the masters who made the drawings. Although the drawings preserved show the obvious existence of several hands, two artists played a decisive role in the workshop: Miguel Barroso (1538-1590) and Diego Lopez de Escuriaz. Our drawing shows characteristic similarities to the drawings attributed to Lopez de Escuriaz.
It can be compared to the two drawings on sale at Christie's on 27 January 2020 in New York, both attributed to Diego Lopez de Escuriaz, (nos. 124 and 125).

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