Lot 170

Bavarian general's helmet with point 1914
Patent leather bomb with silver plated metal trim, chinstrap with rounded silver scales, fluted unscrewable point, Bavarian coat of arms plaque with enamelled central medallion, inner cap in beige silk (wear) with scalloped band of fine fawn leather. Headdress in good condition, bombed without blow or deformation, trimmings not cleaned and thus blackened by time, enamelled central medallion perfectly adjusted. Helmet presented with its transport box. ABE

In 1902, the infantry officer type helmet model 1886 replaced the bicorne for Bavarian general officers, the trimmings were then all silver. The large-dressed Federbusch is made of white and sky blue cock feathers. The center with the Bavarian coat of arms has been enamelled since February 1914.
Expert consultant: Laurent Mirouze