Lot 1051

Seven "open face" type pocket watches with punched silver case and guilloche back. Dial with Roman or Arabic numerals and second hand at six o'clock. String by activation of crown or key in the case of others. Ffs. 19th century. Punches inside the back. Four of the Swiss watches: "A.Rosskopf & Co"; "C.F." with "J.Mullor" dial; one of them engraved inside "Henry Oakley, 1903" and finally another one with German and Swiss "NIDOR" punches. Three of them in English punched silver: "G.C", London; "C.H" (Charles Harris), Chester, 1895 and marked on sphere "H. Stone Leeds"; "J.S.", Chester, 1890._x000D
Only two in working order. Small damage. Some of them have keys.