Lot 4

Handle including Chinese wooden bases with openwork decoration, a brass microscope, a set of pens including Waterman and Parker and pen holder, a silver metal Querria lighter, an old toothbrush made of bone and bristle, ceramics, letter openers, candlesticks, bone tokens, stained bone and mother-of-pearl, an engraving reproduction of the port of Antibes Ed. Dervaux, a bust of a woman in antique wood carving, an engraving Beaulieu, Bonnieux signed and numbered, a small tray and a cup engraved with a name in metal, a mug Lion's club Monza 1968 in silver 800/1000, a small kit including a mirror, a comb, a folding knife in an embossed leather sheathed case, a Louis Vuitton case, a sculpture in hollow ruler depicting Saint Michael, a copper plate engraved with the shrine of Saint Teresa of the Child Jesus and various trinkets.