Lot 5154

Necklace: highly decorative antique necklace, opulently set with rubies and emeralds, total approx. 173.3ct, India, Margul, 19th century
Approx. 77cm long, width in the course of approx. 18.5 - 22.5mm, approx. 161.6g, 18K yellow gold, very long gold necklace, Indian goldsmith work, individual elements made in floral shapes and richly set with rubies, round faceted, cut in cabochon and ball shapes, total approx. 166ct, as well as with emeralds, round faceted and spherical cut, in total approx. 7,3ct, with box lock and security guard, very decorative necklace with high quality settings in very good condition, according to the consignor from Margul, India, 19th century.