Lot 5158

Necklace: unusual Asian antique gold necklace with coloured stones and pearls, Buchera, Uzbekistan 19th century
Approx. 38cm long, approx. 23.5mm wide, middle part approx. 33.5 x 58.5mm, approx. 62,1g, gold filled, decorative elements set with numerous coloured stones, among them quartzes, tourmalines and probably red spinels as well as small glass stones, the chain links are framed by fine freshwater pearls, which are threaded on a thread like the chain links, on the back all golden chain elements are decorated with elaborate ornamental patterns, the condition of the necklace is in need of restoration, some stones are missing, origin of the necklace according to the consignor: Buchera, Uzbekistan 19th century.