Lot 5159

Ear jewelry/necklace/ring: antique Indian jewelry set consisting of earrings, ring and necklace, with turquoise and garnet, gold foam and gold, 19th century
1. ring, ca. Ø17,5mm, RG55, ring head ca. 17,5 x 14mm, ca. 6g, 18K gold and foam gold, ring head in drop shape set with a small turquoise cabochon ca. Ø5,5mm; 2. earrings ca. 46,5 x 33mm, ca. 57,2g, foam gold and gold, set with oval turquoise cabochons and garnet in drop and pearl shape; 3. Collier elements with extension cord total ca. 163,9g, foam gold and gold, gold-coloured cord ribbon, collier middle part ca. 20,5cm x 36,5mm, consisting of 11 single elements, which have to be re-threaded, set with fine turquoise cabochons and numerous garnet stones in round and pearl cut, plus a gold-coloured corded extension ribbon.