Lot 5169

Necklace: extremely luxurious goldsmith's unicum, necklace - choker - with finest Akoya cultured pearls and diamonds, total 1.8ct, 18K yellow gold
Approx. 32mm long, approx. 23mm wide, with connecting chain of approx. 4.5cm length, approx. 120g, 18K yellow gold, four-row necklace made of 18K gold wires with extremely fine Akoya cultured pearls approx. Ø5.5-6mm with an exceptionally beautiful lustre, subdivided with decorative parts - also made of 18K yellow gold - each set with 3 diamonds of very high quality, according to the manufacturer. According to the certificate, a total of 36 diamonds of 1.8ct Top Wesselton loupes were processed, almost as good as new, valuable goldsmith's work by a Hamburg jeweller in which approx. 90g 18K gold was processed, with original certificate and invoice, replacement price 1993 according to the certificate 25.000DM!