Lot 5189

Necklace/necklace/ear jewelry/bracelet: fine white gold vintage jewelry set, 14K white gold, ruby & diamonds, approx. 7,3ct
Necklace ca. 42,5 cm long, ca. 14,1g, middle part ca. 22 x 25mm, set with diamonds and rubies, bracelet ca. 18,5cm long, at the front ca. 12mm wide, also set with diamonds and rubies, earrings ca. 17 x 14mm, set with diamonds and rubies in drop cut; the total weight of diamonds is ca. 2,3ct, and the stones are of good quality, the rubies have a total weight of approx. 5ct and are also of very fine quality, all pieces of jewellery together weigh approx. 45,2g and are made of 14K white gold, very nice condition, vintage handmade.