Lot 5261

Table bell/case: extremely rare and important Art Nouveau set, table bell and match case of nephrite, gold and silver, probably FABERGÉ Henrik Wigström, around 1900, signed with original box
1. match case ca. 40 × 58mm, ca. 42,5g, nephrite, mounts of silver and gold, russian silver hallmark 88 as well as master mark HW, russian gold hallmark 56, front decorated with the tsar's eagle of silver, set with small diamond roses, in the middle a ruby, this rubbed, on the bottom of the case is a rubbing surface The case is still in the original box. 2. table bell: approx. 60 × 75mm, approx. 121g, nephrite, decorations of gold, hallmarked with the russian 56 gold hallmark as well as master mark HW, bell button of nephrite, silver mount, set with diamond roses, function untested, very good condition with original box. Henrik Wigström (*1862; 1923) was a Finnish-Russian goldsmith and from 1903 he was workshop manager in the manufactory of Carl Peter Fabergé in Saint Petersburg. After the death of Michael Perchin, Wigström became his successor and workshop manager at Fabergé's goldsmith's workshop and was thus responsible for the production of the imperial Fabergé eggs. Among Wigström's particular areas of responsibility were the design of cigarette cases, picture frames and figurines, as they were produced on a large scale at the zenith of the company. Wigström's work was mainly oriented towards the Louis-Seize style and the Empire.