Lot 1

Heck, Johann Georg (edited) Bilder-Atlas zum Conversations-Lexikon - Ikonographische Encyklopädie der Wissenschaften und Künste, Leipzig, Brockhaus, 1849, 20 vols. (plate and text volumes), mathematics and natural sciences, geography, history and ethnology, ethnology of the present, warfare, shipbuilding and seafaring, history of architecture, religion and cultus, fine arts and industrial science (technology), text volumes with altogether 1637 (622+91+68+104+108+76+156+84+108+220) p., plate volumes originally with 500 (141+44+39+42+51+32+60+30+26+35) plates, double-column printing in the text volumes, (gold)embossed original half-linen volumes, transverse large octave resp. Strong signs of age, dam. and stained, crease marks, some plates missing. In erg. suitcase.