Lot 162

4 little house dolls and 3 miniatures c. 1920, porcelain, 1 x breast leaf lady, fabric body, modelled hair in blond, face painted, modelled and painted boots, partly old clothes, h: 13 cm; 1 x jointed girl, porcelain, modelled hair in blond, modelled and painted boots, dressed, h: 9,5 cm; 1 x small doll, face painted, h: 9,5 cm; 1 x small boots, partly old clothes jointed girl, wig, modelled and painted boots in blue, dressed, h: 6,5 cm; 1 baby, jointed, modelled hair in blond, long dress, h: 6 cm; 2 x miniature dolls jointed, modelled hair, painted, fine old crocheted clothes, h: 4 cm; 1 x miniature bathing doll, h: 3,5 cm. Part. Signs of age.