Lot 175

Set of parlour accessories, mostly 1st half of the 20th century, blue enamel: 1 pot and 2 saucepans with lid, 1 pot (lid missing), 1 tub, 1 baking model; copper plated: 3 pots in different sizes. Sizes w. lid; 2 blue tin cans w. lid ''sugar and coffee''; 1 lunch box ''Unser täglich Brot...'', white; 1 coffee mill w. overprint decor ''Kinder''; 1 cash box in white/red w. crank and drawer, HxW: 9,5/7,5 cm; 1 porcelain board ''Guten Apetit'', 3 wooden boards, 2 cooking utensils. Part. Signs of age.