Lot 191

bundle patr. war memento 1 x brass mortar with pestle, marked: ''1914-195'', h: 12 cm; 1 x reservist bottle, marked: ''9.Cp. 3 Unt. Alsatian Infantr. Rgt. No. 138'', small missing parts, yellowed; 1 wooden money box in the shape of a guard house, the walls inlaid, the door marked with Reichskreuz 1914, war foundation of the X. World War II, inscribed: ''9.Cp. Army corps, floor to be opened with lock, key missing, h: approx. 20 cm, glued to the roof and missing parts; 1 bracelet with 9 1/2 Mark pieces; 1 beer tipple with 9 x 10 kopecks; 2 charivari m. coat of arms, on chains various appliqués like patrons and orders; 1 bracelet ''Gold zur Wehr-Eisen zur Ehr''; 1 order with crown and laurel wreath in the centre a square enamel field in red with white and black fields, missing part at the bow; additionally 3 more badges. Part signs of age and/or missing parts.