Lot 888

Miniature box, probably made by the workshop of Michael Mann, Nuremberg/Augsburg, c. 1600/1620, iron/copper engraved and fire-gilded, rectangular-shaped chest on 4 pressed spherical feet, screwed and occasionally riveted edge reinforcements/corner pieces, on the top of the hinged lid with central foldable handle, underneath the keyhole, on the front side with a central blind lock, in the lid lock with 4 bolts and hemispherical chapel, wall of the corpus immediately with varying very fine engraved decorations, on the front side with 2 stags, with orig. Hollow pin key, fully functional, HxWxD: approx. 4/7/4,5 cm. Signs of age and wear, lid slightly bent, one screw missing, drilled holes on the edges partly exposed (corner pieces thus probably added early). Michael Mann worked as bookmaker and locksmith in Fürth, Nuremberg and Augsburg in the early 17th century.