Lot 1139

Service pieces with floral décor Meissen, 20th century (Pfeiffer period and later), porcelain, glazed and decorated with the décor ''German flower and insects'' in cobalt blue underglazed painting and gold graded, 61 pcs. dam. consisting of: 15 cake plates, 16 tea cups + 15 lower cups, 6 coffee cups, 2 egg cups, a cream jug, a milk jug, a small coffee pot, a small cake plate, a cake plate, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee, a cup of coffee, a cup of tea, a cup of coffee. a small round bowl, an oval bowl, a sugar bowl, a teapot and a coffee pot, three lids of different sizes, the knobs formed as rosebuds, the handles partly in vegetable form, each with underglazed blue sword mark on the bottom (ca. 33 pieces from the Pfeiffer period), as well as partly year mark, pressing and brush no, 3 parts with 2 grinding lines, h: ca. 26 cm (coffee pot). Partly dam., rest, chips, deposits.