Lot 1310

Tea and mocha service ''Musselmalet'' Royal Copenhagen, mostly 1957-83 (one part 1870-90, one part 1889-1922), porcelain, mostly full lace décor (12 parts half lace), underglazed blue painting in form of single flowers and tendrils, below the rims reliefed scale pattern, partly mascarons on handle, spout and as handle, 38 pcs. dam. consisting of 6 cake plates, 6 tea cups + 6 saucers, 6 mocha cups + 6 saucers, a deep oval fruit and confectionary bowl, a rectangular presentation plate, a plate with gold rim, a sugar bowl, a vase, a teapot, a milk jug, a two-flame candleholder, underglazed green manufacturer's stamp and underglazed blue wavy mark, painter's mark and model no, 12 parts with grinding lines, h: 25 cm(candlestick). Candlestick glued.