Lot 1318

Ceiling chandelier and two wall appliques Probably Italy, Doccia, 20th century, porcelain, glazed, decorated with farmhouses or Courtyards in purple-Camaieu painting, additionally decorated with flowers and reliefs, gold staffage, the wall appliques with one cartouche, framed by rococo ornaments, each with two flames, the chandelier with four framed cartouches, eight flames with staggered, volute-shaped candlestick arms and brass suspension, electrified, not tested for function, candlestick and a wall applike with underglaze blue crowned N-mark, an applike on the back with two labels, one of them ''MADE IN ITALY'', H: approx. 27 cm (appliques)/126 cm (ceiling chandelier with suspension). Partly dam., rest, signs of age. Neapolitan porcelain moulds were bought and remoulded after the factory was closed down by Doccia (Florence), these new editions were provided with the old markings of the Naples factory (compare Lit.: Graesse/Jaennicke, Führer für Sammler von Porzellan und Fayence, Steunzeug, Steingut, etc., 23rd edition, Braunschweig: Klinkhardt & Biermann, 1974, p. 634).