Lot 1326

Breakfast and coffee service ''Florentine Turquoise'' Wedgwood, E: 1931, A: 2nd half of the 20th century, bone china, so-called "bone china", enamel decor, on partly cream-coloured base stylized fruit bouquet in ornamental rosette, additional broad grotesque band in turquoise with mythological dragon and dolphin figures, black enamel, 83 pcs. dam. of 12 bread/cake plates, 12 (cereal) bowls, 12 biscuit plates, 12 coffee cups + 12+1 lower ones, 12 egg cups, 2 milk jugs, 2 sugar bowls, a coffee pot, a teapot (lid missing), 2 cake plates, a square bread and butter plate, a rectangular plate, bottom side glazed black or -brown manufacturer's stamp, partly with addition of the model number and reference W2714, also partly with different stamp numbers, h: approx. 26.2 cm (coffee pot). Min. signs of age and wear, a milk jug with cracknelée at the stand.