Lot 1327

Dining service ''Florentine Turquoise'' Wedgwood, E: 1931, A: 2nd half of the 20th century, bone china, so-called "bone china", enamel decor, on partly cream-coloured base stylized fruit bouquet in ornamental rosette, additional broad grotesque band in turquoise with mythological dragon and dolphin figures, black enamel rim, 47 pcs. dam. consisting of 12 dinner plates, 12 soup bowls + 12 lower ones, 2 tureens, 2 sauce boats, 2 oval bowls, 2 small bowls, 2 small saucers, 2 bowls, 2 bowls, 2 saucers, 2 saucers, 2 saucers, 2 bowls, 2 bowls, 2 saucers. + 1 gr. serving plates, 1 small + 1 gr. round bowl, the handles of the tureens volute-shaped, the knobs in floral form, bottom side with glaze black or brown manufacturer's stamp, partly with addition of the model number W2714, partly with different stamp numbers and brush marks, d: approx. 25.5 cm (tureen). Min. signs of age and wear.