Lot 1459

Two Reticelli bottles Murano, A. 20. Century, colourless glass with break-off, foot and stem with fused gold foil, spirally ribbed, the stoppers in leaf form with pink or The stoppers are in the shape of leaves with pink or white flowers and fused gold foil, the bottle is in the shape of an amphora with a multiple pinched glass thread placed on each side with fused gold foil as a handle, the walls are covered with a net of pink glass rods fused in the filigree technique, the other flacon with a strongly flattened wall, also with a cockscomb-like pinched thread support on the side, covered with gold foil, the wall with spiral-like white glass threads melted in zanfirico technique, with golden shimmering threads melted in between, H: approx. 22,3-30 cm. Gold foil min. above, plugs cracked. For the technique see Lit.: Heiremans, Marc. Murano Glass - Themes and Variations (1910-1970), Stuttgart: ARNOLDSCHE Art Publishers, 2002, p. 67f.