Lot 1532

Spindle pocket watch with quadruple case London, Edward Prior (1800-1868), around 1840/50, made for the oriental market, copper/gold-plated and silver/tortie shell, enamel dial with Ottoman numerals, inscribed ''Edward Prior, London'', the spindle movement engraved ''Edu. Prior, London'' and number ''63039'', the copper/gold-plated case, stamped ''JB, WW'', 1. overcabinet also made of copper/gold-plated, smooth surface, 2. overcabinet made of copper/gold-plated and covered with tortoiseshell, 3. overcabinet made of silver, with floral engraving, d: 4/7,5 cm. Scratch marks, metal fittings partly missing. Not checked for function. Provenance: From a South German private collection, acquired in 1959 at the auction house Lempertz, Cologne.