Lot 1576

Tabernacle pendant of Saint Sebastian early 19th century, yellow gold 750, large pendant with architectural form, with two lateral white enamelled columns, the roof enamelled blue, with curtain of pearls and an emerald, the base of the tabernacle set with two diamonds in emerald cut (approx. 0,2 ct) and one emerald, also emerald cut (ca. 0,1 ct), inside a small ivory figure of Saint Sebastian, behind framed and hinged glass, enamelled scene from the life of the saint on the backside above the inscription ''Sebastiano'', acid-tested, total weight ca. 108,5 g, HxW: 10/4,5 cm. Signs of wear and age, glass dam. Provenance: according to the catalogue of the Nagel auction house from 1975: ''from the former property of the French imperial house. Listed in the inventory of the imperial family of Farnborough, 1926 (75523)''.