Lot 1577

Rare Historicism bracelet with miniature about 1845/50, probably Austria/Vienna, foam gold 750, centrally mounted fine portrait of a gentleman in mixed technique on ivory, behind glass, portrait probably of Count Valentin Esterházy von Galàntha in three-quarter profile turned to the left, signed ''v. Saar'' (probably Karl von Saar, Vienna, 1797-1853), framed by a magnificent mount, partly surrounded by blue enamel, and set with 12 diamond roses (total approx. 0.5 ct), 4 oval-cut rubies (total approx. 0.2 ct) and 2 oval-cut emeralds (add. approx. 0.1 ct), headpiece interchangeable, on link bracelet with ornamental-floral engraved front, acid-tested, total weight approx. 76.5 g, h: 5 cm, u: approx. 18.5 cm. Glass with crack and chip, slight signs of wear and age. We thank Mrs. Röhrig for the friendly information.