Lot 1725

Necklace with interchangeable clasp, earclips and earrings modern, Stuttgart/Juwelier Maas, 4 pcs, white gold 750/Tahitian pearls, knotted beads (d: approx. 1/1.5 cm) with beautiful lustre, the interchangeable clasp worn to the front as a large pearl, flanked by a total of 40 small diamonds (total approx. 0.2 ct.) or in the form of a knot, set with 13 diamonds (total approx. 0.2 ct.). 0,62 ct), matching earclips of white gold 750, in knot form, set with 19 diamonds each (2 earclips add. ca. 0,5 ct), drop-shaped pearl attached to an eyelet, can also be worn separately, as well as a pair of earrings with Tahitian pearls; with hallmarks and master mark, total weight ca. 147 g, l: up to 43,5 cm. Min. signs of wear.