Lot 8

AUSTRIA - GERMANY Range of eight decorations: SUP.
- Gold Medal of Military Merit "Signum Laudis", with a profile of François Joseph. In gilt bronze.
- Commemorative Cross of the war 1914-1918 (Germany), for combatant. In bronze.
- Commemorative medal of the 1914-1918 war (Austria). In bronze.
- Commemorative medal of Tyrol 1914-1918 (Austria). Bronze.
- Military medal of December 2, 1873 (Austria). Bronze.
- Mobilization Cross 1912-1913 (Austria). Bronze.
- Jubilee Cross of Francis Joseph (1848-1908). In gilt bronze. Variant inscribed "FRANC" on the obverse.
- Commemorative medal 1914-1918 for combatant (Hungary). In silvered bronze.
With ribbons sewn on a bar lined with grey cloth. Pin tie.

Location of the item
France - 75002 - paris