Lot 20

Military medal created in 1852.
Medal of the 2nd type in silver, vermeil and enamel (missing), ribbon.
47 x 24 mm Gross weight : 16g.
A miniature of the military medal of the 2nd type is attached. Silver and enamel (missing on the reverse). Boar's head punch. Fixed welded ring, back ribbon. 25 x 12 mm. Gross weight : 4g. T.B.
And a set of souvenirs related to the military medal:
- Coloured fodder.
- Decoration reminder.
- Gold brass and enamel military medal insignia.
- Buttonhole badge "the 137th section military medallists" gold brass and enamel.
- Uniform trophy buttonhole badge for military medallists. Green knot and tricolor.
- Military medal III Republic in silver, vermeil and enamel (chips), hallmark of the coin, ribbon.
- Medal commemorating the creation of the military medal by BOUYON in Florentine bronze, hallmark on the edge of the coin. 70 mm, in its box with support .

Location of the item
France - 75002 - paris