Crystal chandelier with five light arms and five covered vases. 19th century. Height. 90, Diam. 65 cm (electrified, damaged pendants, some changed).
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Crystal chandelier with five light arms and five covered vases. 19th century. Height. 90, Diam. 65 cm (electrified, damaged pendants, some changed).

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China, 1736-1795. Finely carved through a single translucent layer of ruby red, dusky pink, emerald green, lemon yellow, and sapphire blue with a continuous scene of ten chilong, seven sinuously coiling on the body and three clambering around the neck chasing their own long multi-furcated tails, all against an opaque white ground. Four-character Qianlong nianzhi mark wheel-cut to the base and of the period.Provenance: French private collection, by repute acquired prior to the year 2000 in Paris.Condition: Good condition with minor wear and expected manufacturing flaws, such as pitting and open swirls, mostly to the interior of the neck, as well as minuscule nicks and losses, one old fill to the foot rim (ca. 3 cm long).Weight: 423.0 gDimensions: Height 19.4 cmThis superb glass vase, so finely decorated with a multi-color overlaid design of chilong and inscribed with a Qianlong four-character mark, is extremely rare. A small number of Qianlong reign-marked overlaid glass vases is recorded in museum collections, but none of the exact same style.Literature comparison: A ruby-red ground glass vase decorated in turquoise blue overlays with flowers and butterflies in the Palace Museum, Beijing is illustrated by Zhang Rong, Lustre of Autumn Water. Glass of the Qing Imperial Workshop, Beijing, 2005, pl. 81, bearing a similar wheel-cut Qianlong nianzhi four-character mark, but within a double square. The same mark is also found on a small glass jar in the Palace Museum, Beijing, illustrated ibid, pl. 79 overlaid with a pair of chilong in emerald green against a rich cobalt-blue ground. For examples of unmarked Qianlong period white-ground multi-color overlaid glass vases of similar decoration style, see a vase decorated with chilong in the Suntory Museum of Art, cataloged as Qianlong/Jiaqing, illustrated in The Glass that Gallé Adored, Glass from the Qing Imperial Collection, Suntory Museum of Art, Tokyo, 2018, p. 104, cat. no. 78, and a vase carved with flowers from the Shorenstein collection, illustrated in C.F. Shangraw and C. Brown, A Chorus of Colors: Chinese Glass from Three American Collections, Asian Art Museum of San Francisco, 1995, cat. no. 78, and on the front cover, and sold at Christie’s Hong Kong, 1st December 2010, lot 2940.Auction result comparison: Compare with a closely related vase at Sotheby’s Hong Kong in Gems of Chinese Art – The Speelman Collection II on 3 October 2018, lot 3428, bought-in at an estimate of HKD 800,000-1,000,000, and a related but slightly smaller vase at Christie’s London in Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art on 6 November 2018, lot 131, sold for GBP 25,000.乾隆款及年代五色套料螭龍紋長頸瓶中國,1736-1795年。涅白地上使用寶石紅、粉紅、翡翠綠、檸檬黃和藍寶石藍等五色套料表現螭龍紋,蜿蜒曲折。底足“乾隆年制”四字款。來源:法國私人收藏,購於2000年巴黎。品相:狀況良好,有輕微磨損,並且可見製做缺陷,例如凹痕和明顯的旋流,主要出現在頸部內部,並且細微的划痕和缺損,圈足上有小補(約3厘米長)。重量:423.0 克尺寸:高19.4 厘米 拍賣結果比較:一件非常相似的長頸瓶見香港蘇富比Gems of Chinese Art – The Speelman Collection II 拍場2018年10月 3日lot 3428, 估價HKD 800,000-1,000,000; 另一件稍小的瓶子見倫敦佳士得Fine Chinese Ceramics and Works of Art 拍場2018年11月6 日lot 131, 售價GBP 25,000.