THREE CHINESE DISHES FOR THE JAPANESE MARKET, KO-SOMETSUKE TIANQI 1621-27 The largest plate decorated to the well with a scholar and an attendant in a mountainous river landscape, the flattened rim with a crenelated border, the reverse with an exhibition label for 'T.EDO INOUYE & SON'; one smaller dish with a palm tree issuing from rockwork to one side and a go board and a screen to the other, decorated with a lone figure in a landscape, the rim painted with two butterflies fluttering between vine leaves and grapes; the third dish painted with two horses prancing under scrolling clouds and the moon above, all three with typical mushikui (insect-nibbled) rims, 21cm max. (3) The largest dish was included in T Edo Inouye and Son's 22nd anniversary exhibition entitled 'Collected and Selected: Seventy-Seven Dishes from the Late Ming Dynasty' from 1st-29th April 2017. Also, see Masahiko Kawahara, Ko-sometsuke, p.147 no.581, for a related plate from the same set illustrated and discussed.

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