A RARE JAPANESE ARITA MODEL OF A LION DOG, SHISHI EDO PERIOD, C. 1700 The body of the mythical beast contorted as it lands on its front paws after a jump from heaven to earth, modeled with its hind legs raised and baring its fangs with a ferocious expression, its body decorated in iron-red, brown, black and gold with spots in overglaze enamels, a collar and bell painted around its neck, 30.2cm. Cf. C Jörg, Fine & Curious, Japanese Export Porcelain in Dutch Collections, p.282 no.356, for another figure of a shishi possibly from the same mold from the JM van Diepen Foundation, Fraeylemaborg, Slochteren. This piece is raised on a rock-shaped base applied with peonies. See the collections of the Musée d'Ennery, Paris, access. our. GUIMET6307-838, GUIMET3178-219, and GUIMET1291-429 for three related examples of shishi similarly landing on their front paws. Also, Christie's London, Courtly Display: the Somlyo Collection of Japanese ceramics, London exhibition 12th-19th December 2015, no.23 for a pair of lion dogs modeled seated on their haunches.

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