THREE JAPANESE EDGED SWORDS, A DAISHO SET AND A WAKIZASHI EDO PERIOD, 17TH AND 18TH CENTURY All three with black lacquer scabbards, saya, and the blades of shinogi-zukuri form; the set made up of a katana and a wakizashi, both with iron sukashi tsuba decorated with pine trees and reticulated clouds, the fuchi kashira in shakudo with dragons and the Mino Goto menuki with flowers; a Kaga School kozuka with a geometrical design in gilt; the longer blade unsigned, the wakizashi inscribed Choshu no ju Kiyotsugu; the other wakizashi with iron sukashi Shoami tsuba decorated with ho-ho birds and maple leaves and the fuchi kashira with geese and reeds, 87cm max. (6) Provenance: from a deceased estate, Hampshire.

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