Lot 48

NAM Jacques (Jacques Lehmann dit) [Paris, 1881 - id., 1974], French draftsman, engraver, painter and sculptor. He is famous for his cats.
Autograph letter signed. Fontenay-St-Père ; 1 page 1/2 in-4°, slit at the fold and slightly effrangé paper at the border. "The chance of my peregrinations in Mantes made me discover at a ... arms manufacturer an Indochinese vase holder. And I've come to ask your opinion, although in writing, it's rather difficult to explain. Here it is: "This vase holder seems to me to be made of enameled clay... It is 75 cm high in a quadrangular shape with sides of 40 cm each. By the way, here it is
approximately the sketch. The scene represents, I believe, an Indochinese theater. There are 7 figures [...] with theatrical masks on the figure. The colour is a little rough and green, yellow and red dominate. The weight is very heavy - it seems - about 30 Kg???? As price 20 F. Do you think it's a bargain anyway. As you are more versed in things than I am, I'm asking your opinion. Mine is that it's better - especially as the origin is this one. It was the former government of Indochina which resided in Mantes and which dispersed its collections. The gunsmith bought this and doesn't want it anymore. I do not know if it is old but still the patina of the colors and the gold seems to me not to be completely modern. »
Nice letter illustrated with a watercolor in the text.