Lot 68

Antique fan (circa 1900). Unfolded dimension 50 cm. Total height 28 cm.
The frame (plumes and strands) are made of wood (14 strands).
On the front: The signatures of: Octave Feuillet, Lambert (with cat drawing), Auguste Tououche (with drawing), Eugèe Lami (horse watercolor), J.B. Weckerlin (musical staff " Refrain de frotteur "), A. Gendron (signed drawing : portrait), G. Dubufe fils (drawing of young woman), Édouard Dubufe (drawing), Louyis Diémer (signed musical staff), G. Doré (signed musical staff), Bonnat (signed drawing), Léon Olivié (signed drawing of a fishing angel), Ch. Gounod (signed musical staff).
On the back the paper has come off in the middle. There are two watercolours: a profile of a young woman signed Jean Béraud [1849-1935] and a sunny landscape signed.

Location of the item
France - 75009 - paris