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REVERDY Pierre [Narbonne, 1889 - Solesmes, 1960], French poet associated with cubism and early surrealism.
Set of 10 pages with 4 signed autograph poems.
- Subjects". 2 pages in-4°.
"Enough singing of nights and sunshine
Enough singing the tricks and tunes of the past "...
- "Time and me." 1 page in-4°.
"In the most secret basement of my distress
Where vice has received the quenching of death
I'm setting the tone for the record
The refrain to life "...
- "At dawn the watchman." 2 pages in-4°.
"This morning when the hope that wasn't there
not yet out of the shadows polished the sun...
This morning with the most secret kiss
of the dawn on the lip of the horizon
I wish I could have picked up on the sound
of the timbre the life that shuddered in a brutal turmoil.
To find the reason that slid under the trees
to the holes of clarity that would scatter my limbs
This morning
Before the lungs of the world
have come out of the high fever of the night.
The breath that came from the lips of the earth...
The scent of disturbing woods and bodies
Intermittent pulses
The too fast current of the arteries ...
- "Business acumen". 1 page in-4°.
"Working in Security
All art in severity
Beauty frozen in the bark
More than gold in freedom
With the feints of strength
Against the stream of offerings
The dryness of desire
The shyness of almonds
Just with an unbridled gaze
The gesture in the shadow of a hand "...
- "Secret Funds". 4 pages in-4°.
"No, it's not the grandstand anymore.
from the horizon where the hands speak
And the black hunger has gone around every rock...
In the poorly stocked lairs against the light
On the barely healed facade
When the marigold resin drips away
From sorrow to life and from grave to light...
Under the flippers of the clearing with covered fires
A lost time to time spent
If you have to pick these memories like flowers...
In the forest pool
In the breath of colorless roads

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