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SAND George (Aurore Dupin, Baroness Dudevant, known as) [Paris, 1804 - Nohant, 1876], French novelist.
Autograph letter, signed "G. Sand", addressed to Eugène Pelletan. Nohant, mid-January 1837] ; 3 pages in-8°, with address.
"I have arrived and settled in. The child is not too tired. Come and find us whenever you want, and the sooner the better. All my wish is that you will find yourself well among us and that you will remain there for a long time, but always remember that you come as an artist to an artist's house and that all your wishes will be taken care of there. So never be afraid to hurt anyone the day you get bored in this solitude. If you are a friend, you will find someone to talk to, but if you don't like us, you will always find at the beginning people who are estimable and who know how to value your rights. Farewell, T. to V. George. »
She adds the way to travel to Nohant, by stagecoach or a cabriolet: "I take care of the expenses, I am on current account with all the drivers and innkeepers".

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