Lot 150

[Hebrew Bible] - Proverbia Solomonis. Paris, Robert Estienne, 1540. In-4, 56 pp. in Hebrew with figures, including the last blank page. Unbound.
DELAVAUD n°1375. SCHWARZFUCHS (Le livre hébreu à Paris au XVIème) n°109. This is followed by the rabbinic edition given for the first time in Venice, 1524-25 at Bomberg by Jacob ben Chaim ibn Adoniya. (Linked to the continuation): Canticum canticorum, Ruth, Lamentationes Ieremiae, Ecclesiastes & Ester. Idem 1539. 80 pp. figures in Hebrew. SCHWARZFUCHS no. 106 to the date of 1540 -- Prophetia Isaiah. Idem 1539, 124 pp. in Hebrew with figures. SCHWARZFUCHS no. 86 -- Daniel. 48 pp. Idem 1540. SCHWARZFUCHS n°110. -- Job. Idem 1541. 60 pp. SCHWARZFUCHS n°118. A few clear wet spots, the first title yellowed and a little effrangé, some old annotations in the margins.

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France - 75009 - paris