Lot 174

[MANUSCRIPT] - GRADUAL - . (Nancy?), 16th century. In-folio, 6 or 7 musical staves of 4 lines per page, dimensions of the text : ca. 25 X 41 cm, 34 ff ,
Decorated with a number of filigree letters in blue and red and 13 letters accompanied by drawings in pastel tones with volutes and grotesque figures. Letter C introducing "Circumdederunt me gemitus mortis. It is worked like a goldsmith's piece and is placed on a red and blue background covered with golden scrolls. A manuscript in a similar style is kept in the library of Nancy under the rib ms 437. It is an antiphonary for the use of the Friars Minor of Nancy (16th century). Two ff. of another graduation from the 17th century are attached?