Lot 848

Geographical chart of inland navigation in the French Republican territory: offering the course of either its rivers and streams or its canals, both executed and projected, in its 86 departments, by the citizen DUPAIN-TRIEL, 1795; large map engraved in bistre ink, canvas-covered on salmon canvas (about
114 x 136 cm), stamped in red ink Dépôt général de la Guerre, cardboard case titled on the back.
In the margin of this map by Jean-Louis Dupain-Triel (1722-1805?), there is a current and general state of inland navigation of
France, distributed, in alphabetical order, in its 83 departments, specifying the names of the navigable rivers and canals, the places where they begin to carry boats (high and low waters), their outlets, their length, the size and load of the boats, etc. In cardboard, "Département de l'isle de la Corse".