Lot 219

A collection of 3 sun dials Paul Reinmann, Nürnberg, 55 x 94 x 11 mm, circa 1610 A portable folding ivory equatorial sundial A round horizontal dial on an ivory baseplate with hour division encloses an inset compass, underneath are variations for the hours. The back shows a volvella of the moon. The inside of the hinged cover is engraved with a polychrome vertical dial for normal hours, with signs of the Zodiac and length of the day as well as a table with the latitudes of 18 towns. The outside shows an intricately engraved compass rose with pointer and has a window for the compass. The gnomon is a - here missing - piece of string spanning between the two plates; different pole heights can be set by feeding the string through one of three holes in the lid. The baseplate has a small compartment on the left side that formerly could be covered with a small brass lid - probably intended for keeping spare parts such as pieces of string. Paul Reinman was a compass and instrument maker in Nuremberg, who became a master around 1580. He specialised in folding sundials made from ivory, which he often ornamented with gilt metal fittings. Reinman’s instruments were of exceptional quality; his master’s mark was a crown. Case: very good, lacking elements.