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Vatican - Pius VI (1775-1799) Silver medal - 1782 - J. L. Oexlein. Commemorates the visit of Pius VI to Vienna to discuss his religious policy with Emperor Joseph II. The latter was accused by many of his detractors of wanting to create a schism with Rome. Very rare. 29.17g - 45 mm - Patrignani 44 Superb at FDC - CHOICE AU On March 22nd 1782 Pope Pius II arrived in Vienna on ecclesiastical affairs; the emperor had gone a few posts to meet him, and introduced the august traveller himself into his palace. As it was precisely the time of Holy Week and Easter, the S. Father went to visit, according to the custom of Catholic worship, the churches and the SS. sepulchres, and on the first day of Easter celebrated a solemn Mass at St. Stephen's, after which he gave the blessing from the balcony of the church on the Hof to the people gathered there.

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