A fine and large banded agate roman italic intaglio. Warrior. 2nd century B.C.10 x 16 x 3 mmThe male figure wears a helmet with a crest, and is characterized by a naked, slender and muscular body. The character, referable to an heroic figure, faces right and holds a small shield with his right hand (under which the sword is seen in the scabbard); with his left hand he holds a spear. At his feet, another larger shield on which a helmet is placed. Groundline. Around, a dotted frame. The presence of a shield with a helmet at the feet of the warrior is referable to the commemoration and funeral honor of a soldier who died bravely in battle. Specimen executed with great technical skill and artistic finesse. Use of globular elements. Beautiful variety of banded agate with honey and brown tones, and characterized by a slight burn on the edge.U.K. private collection, London.

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