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DAMIEN HIRST(Bristol 1965–lives and works in Devon)Heart Spin Painting. 2009.Acryl auf festem Vélin.Handsigned on the reverse: Damien Hirst, also with the signature stamp on the reverse: Damien Hirst and the stamp: This painting was made by ... to celebrate the opening of Damien Hirst Requiem at the PinchuckArtCentre on April 25-26th 2009 ©Damien Hirst. Furthermore with the blindstamp: HIRST.51 × 51,5 cm.Provenance:- Workshop PinchuckArtCentre, Kiew, 2009.- Private collection Switzerland.“I really like making them. And I really like the machine, and I really like the movement. The movement sort of implies life. It’s the way the atoms move inside our bodies, it’s the way the planet moves that we stand on. And the way all the other planets in space move around ours. Every time a painting’s finished, I’m desperate to do another one.” Damien Hirst

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