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ENAMEL, NATURAL PEARL AND DIAMOND ENSEMBLE, ca. 1840.Yellow gold, 62g.Necklace composed of finely engraved and light blue enamelled oval links. L ca. 41 cm. Elliptical brooch, suspending a detachable, triangular pendant, decorated with acanthus leaves, triangle- and volute motifs, set with 4 natural pearls of 4 mm to 8,7 x 9,5 mm and circular-cut diamonds totalling ca. 0.30 ct. Hinged bangle, finely engraved with acanthus- and volute motifs, the bombé-design front set with 3 natural pearls of ca. 4 mm, resp. 11 x 11,5 mm and circular-cut diamonds of ca. 0.20 ct. Ca. 5,4 x 4,4 cm. Matching blue enamelled ear pendants, each suspending a drop-shaped pendant, joined by a fine chain to a florally designed top. L ca. 6,5 cm. Enamel with slight traces of wear.

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