Five antique hard stone fob seals and a 19th century pencil charm, fob seals comprise: two late 18th century gold mounted of strut design with oval cornelian matrices, one engraved with a coat of arms, the other a winged lion playing a lyre, heights 4.1 and 3.3cm; one early 19th century gold mounted of scroll design, the oval cornelian carved with a male profile, height 2.0cm; an early 19th century gold cased example of scrolling foliate design, the rounded rectangular chalcedony carved with an entwined anchor beneath the motto I COMFORT, height 2.1cm; and an early 19th century gold mounted miniature example, the oval bloodstone fob engraved with a bird, height 1.3cm; the gold pencil modelled as a flintlock pistol, the slide action mechanism operated by the trigger, the handle with vacant circular bloodstone matrix, length 5.7cmPlease refer to department for condition report

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