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Jean FOURTON (French, born 1934) Incompleteness: tomorrow is a new day, 2020 Tapestry in wool woven in Aubusson from a cardboard box of 2017. Unique piece. H. 216 W. 140 cm. Painter, psychoanalyst and adventurer, Jean Fourton lives and works in Tours. A pupil of Lacan, who was his first collector for twenty years, Soulage organized his first exhibition in Paris in 1984. This tapestry, woven by two liciers from Aubusson, took two years to weave. It represents a stylized but incomplete sunflower leaf, transforming the image into a symbol of desire, this country where one never arrives. The equations represented are based on topology, or mathematics of places, which was dear to Lacan to explain Freud's work. Here Jean Fourton turns this scientific discipline into an art transcended by threads of wool, like an ode to desire and optimism.

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