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Mask known as Batcham Bamileke Cameroon Wood H.: 60.5 cm. Anthropo-zoomorphic mask representing the head of a hippopotamus ("dzetshe") emerging from the waters. The volumes that make up the face are imposing: large erect ears, large almond-shaped eyes set horizontally on protruding cheeks projected forward, the nostrils are dilated and the open mouth shows large teeth. The whole rests on a cylindrical base.This mask was worn as a crest by a man who adjusted the opening of the cylindrical neck on his head wrapped in a hood. It is only used on rare occasions (funeral and enthronement of the king) organized by a high dignitary of the msop society who wears it while performing the royal dance oftso (elephant dance). Object made specifically for colonial trade with an obvious decorative interest.Consultant : Jean-Pierre LACOSTE

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